We do not provide a translated version of this website. However, we receive a large amount of questions every year – many of them similar, covering almost all parts of the festival. We have therefore compiled a list of frequently asked questions which gives you the ability to grasp all the important aspects of the festival, without the need to browse the German website. If you have a question which we do not answer here, please feel free to drop us a message (English spoken):


At the moment, we assume that it will be possible to hold the event as planned. We will follow all guidelines that might be issued by the state concerning Corona pandemic response.

We will inform you as soon as possible after the Corona regulation is updated. If you have already booked online, we will write to you by newsletter and in certain cases also directly in person vie email. Here in the FAQ itself you will then also find all the details.


The Ladies Only Festival, held yearly since 2014 at the Europa-Park near Freiburg, Germany, is the first workshop festival exclusively for women. During two days, we offer more than 120 workshops on fitness, dancing, health, beauty and wellness. On Saturday there is an evening program (lecture, show etc.) and afterwards you can hit the dancefloor and enjoy the park hotel’s cocktail varieties.

The Europa-Park in Rust near Freiburg is Germany’s largest amusement park. It is set in a delightful and culturally rich region near the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland. The Europa-Park attracts more than 5 million visitors a year. The park itself is closed during the time of the festival, which allows us to occupy almost every venue – ranging from French bistro to classic ball room.

2023: 18. + 19.02.
2024: 10. + 11.02.
2025: 01. + 02.03.
2026: 14. + 15.02.
2027: 06. + 07.02.
2028: 26. + 27.02.
2029: 10. + 11.02.
2030: 02. + 03.03.

Gutmann Events GmbH & Co. KG in cooperation with CORDELL Festival Messe Kongress and the Europa-Park. The Freiburg-based dance school Gutmann serves as advisor.


We offer day tickets, two-day tickets and evening tickets. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance with your booking.

The Ladies Only Festival is held when the Europa-Park is closed.

An accommodation has to be booked independently from your festival tickets: Call +49 (0) 7822 / 8600 or send an email to: (English spoken). The festival attendees get a special price for their accommodation, so make sure to mention that you take part at the festival when booking!

You will receive 75% of the purchase price back if you cancel your tickets (you do not need to specify a reason for cancellation). Only full bookings can be cancelled, for example a two-day ticket can only be cancelled as a whole. Please note: hotel bookings or other costs incurred in connection with the festival (such as travel, postage, etc.) are not refunded. You can find detailed information on the ticket insurance in our general terms and conditions.


Towards the end of the year we will publish the all-new festival app. We will notify you via newsletter.


A preliminary timetable will be published shortly after the start of online booking. We publish trainer names only after everything after teaching and show agreements have been fixed. Many of our trainers have to wait until later in the year and make sure there are no other dates during festival time. Click here for more information.

The workshops are made for everyone, no matter your personal fitness-level. If you don’t like a workshop, for whatever reason, you can always change rooms.

There is no application necessary. You can choose the workshop you want to attend spontaneously on location. If the workshop does not live up to your expectations, you can change easily.


No – there is no dress code. Due to fire safety measures, you are required to leave coats, bags (except: pocket bags), umbrellas etc. at the cloak room (on site) for the evening events; the fee is included in your entrance ticket.

Please note that some routes (both at daytime and in the evening) are either in the open or only party covered – it can get chilly. We advise to carry with you a (training) jacket and / or blazer at all times.

Sure. For the evening event on Saturday there will be enough tickets available on site.


The Europa-Park is located just next to the highway „Autobahn A5“ connecting Karlsruhe and Basel. It has it’s own exit, numbered 57b („Rust“). Here you can find detailed directions.

For the evening events: Please drive straight on UNDER the roundabout bridge when passing hotel Colosseo (you will see a large replica of the Roman Colosseum to your right). You will pass another roundabout, continue straight on. Then you will see the (closed) gates of the main parking place and there you keep to the right side of the street; drive toward the large silver roller coaster. At the end of the street turn right over a small bridge; just a few meters past you can turn right agin onto the large parking place. From there it is a three minute walk to the Foyer EP-Dome.

Hotel guests enjoy a gorgeous breakfast buffet. During workshop hours, you can buy snacks at the venue, as well as a large variety of warm meals during the lunch break. In the evening, the hotels offer a wide range of à la carte and menu choices. Beverages both warm and cold can be purchased throughout the opening hours of the festival.

The high train „EP-Express“ connects the two areas of the venue („EP-Dome“ and „Hotel Resort“); it can be used free of charge. The drive is approx. 8-10 minutes, one way. Most often, this lets you change areas during the 20 minute break between workshops. But naturally, sometimes you will see the train departing just as you get to the station. So in order to make sure you do not miss the beginning of the very special workshop you have been waiting for all year, we recommend taking the car – which can be parked (also free of charge) at the Hotel Resort as well as on the bus parking in front of the „EP-Dome“; a two-minute walk from the entrance. A harsh winter with cold air and freezing temperatures or even ice forming on the tracks prohibits the train from going. In this case, too, the car is the better alternative.

All changes are posted directly to our facebook timeline  as well as announced at the festival information counters and via the info screens. Our staff is glad to help you anytime if there remain questions (English spoken!). You can sign up for our newsletter as well (please note: in German only).

We understand if you want to take your four-legged friends with you to Rust. But please note: To prevent the risk of accidents, to protect allergy sufferers, for hygienic reasons and in the interest of animal welfare, dogs (and all other pets) are NOT allowed in the following places at the festival:
> In all halls during the workshops
> within an area of five meters around food and beverage counters
> generally during the evening events (in all areas)

We would like to point out that there can also be high volumes and crowds in passageways, on the marketplace etc.

Therefore, the space available for your pet is considerably limited – please consider carefully whether you can and want to put up with these restrictions for your pet. Please also note that we cannot supervise your pet for liability and insurance reasons, not even for a short time.



Schnell und einfach zum Europa-Park Rust per Auto, Bus oder Flugzeug.


Als Gast beim Ladies Only Festival profitieren Sie bei Übernachtung in den 4-Sterne Superior Erlebnishotels Colosseo, Bell Rock und Santa Isabel von einem einmaligen Spezialpreis!