Instructors & Showacts

Dear Artists, welcome to your Infopage!

To organize your workshops and shows in the best way, please read the informations.

Workshop Schedule (updated 29.11.2022)

This WAS your team for 2020!

Will probably be the same in 2023 😉

Please meet..

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All necessary information:

To instructors who are living in Europe (territorial) we are not going to pay your salary in cash anymore (cash transfer has become free of charge and fast within Europe). Please send your bill via e-mail. We are going to transfer your salary after receiving your bill but earliest one week after the event.

The bill should contain the following information:

  • addressed to: Gutmann Events GmbH & Co.KG, Leo-Wohleb-Straße 1, 79098 Freiburg, Germany
  • sales tax identification number
  • the note of the reverse charge mechanism (our sales tax number: DE227753741)
  • invoice number
  • invoice date
  • date of accomplishment

The team will have your wristband ready for you, when you arrive at the venue.

Please wear the wristband all the time. Whoever manages the entrance may not know you…

This is the address of the artists hotel:

Hotel Colosseo (4-star superior)

Europa-Park-Straße 4-6

77977 Rust


The conditions of the hotel:

  • You can check-into your room anytime BUT they will be ready for you to move in from 3:30 pm.
  • You have to check-out of your room until 11:00 am.
  • If you want to check-out later than 11:00 am that would cost 60€ which you have to pay by yourself.
  • If you need a childrens bed (for children up to 3 years of age), that will cost 6€/night which you have to pay by yourself.
  • If you want to bring a dog, that is not a problem BUT costs 13€/night which you have to pay by yourself.

If you want to bring someone with you to help you in your classes, that has to be told to the organizer (Julia) while negotiating the conditions of your assignment.

If you want to bring someone with you to look after your children while you teach, that has to be told to the organizer (Julia) while negotiating the conditions of your assignment.

Warm meals as well as coffee and soft drinks will be served at “Traumpalast” in the Confertainment-area. Please remember the meal-times and bring your food coupons!

If you prefer to eat or drink something else than served in the crew catering of the „Traumpalast“, please mind that we will not cover those costs.

If you arrive to late to have dinner in the crew catering, than the organizer will cover the cost of you ordering food outside the crew catering. BUT please mind that the organzier will only cover the cost of an ordinary (not more than 25€ per person) dinner!

We understand if you want to take your four-legged friends with you to Rust. But please note: To prevent the risk of accidents, to protect allergy sufferers, for hygienic reasons and in the interest of animal welfare, dogs (and all other pets) are NOT allowed in the following places at the festival:

  • In all rooms during the workshops
  • within an area of five meters around food and beverage counters
  • generally during the evening events (in all areas)

We would like to point out that there can also be high volumes and crowds in passageways, on the marketplace etc.

Therefore, the space available for your pet is considerably limited – please consider carefully whether you can and want to put up with these restrictions for your pet. Please also note that we cannot supervise your pet for liability and insurance reasons, not even for a short time.

Please check where your rooms are located and remember to save some time for transfer with the “EP-Express” monorail (10-12 minutes), if you have to change between Dome Area and Hotel Area.

Is is not allowed to put flyers and brochures, roll-ups or posters anywhere, unless is has been specifically allowed by the festival-direction. You can spread flyers or brochures during your workshops/lectures but you are not allowed to leave them after your workshops/lectures!

If you want to bring a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend to share your room, that has to be told to the organizer (Julia) while negotiating the conditions of you assignment. You may be lucky and get a room with more than the beds needed BUT your are not allowed to let somebody sleep there, if you have not told the organizier while negotiatin the conditions of your assignment!

  • Please bring your music as mp3-files only (quality 192kbit or higher) on a USB stick AND send us an e-mail with the music-file adapted before the festival starts. Please do not use any other format than mp3, no CDs, notebooks MP3 players, iPods etc.!
  • Please provide some information about yourself, your dancing and so on, which can be used by our show hosts for the presentation and announcement of you and your show. (E.g.: how long have you been performing? Are there interesting / funny / unusual details?)
  • The day of your show we will get in touch with you in order to arrange all details (music, light, backstage, timetable etc.)
  • You will be given rehearsal time by our stage director crew. If you do not need to rehearse, please tell us asap, so we can use the remaining time slots more efficiently.

The team will meet you at the info desks and will have all your documents ready for you.

Please note that some participants might be beginners and adapt your workshop level please.

If any friends/students/family members of you want to join the festival, you will be able to receive early-bird-tickets for them until the 31st of January, IF you send an e-mail to containing:

  • full name of the participant
  • postal address of the paricipant
  • e-mail-address of the participant
  • ticket wish of the participant

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Julia Albrecht

mobile during the event: 0049 1512 5822272

mobile: 0049 152 33914909


18. - 19. Februar 2023 im EUROPA-PARK